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Behind the Screens

Hello and welcome to the inner sanctum, Behind the Screens. This space is for belly dance extras - news, song lyrics, video clips, articles and other information I'd like to share. Pull up a cushion, pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy!

January 28, 2009: Eternal Hips ~ Souheir Zeki

It has been said that her hips resonate through eternity, and that she accomplished with her body what Om Kalthoum did with her voice. Any serious student of belly dance should study Souheir Zeki.

July 9, 2008: Song Translation ~
"Min Hobi Fik Ya Gari" (With Love For You, My Neighbor)

I first heard this tune in an old movie clip from Hossam Ramzy's "Stars of Egypt" video series. I was immediately taken with beautiful melody of this piece, and the words are sweet and poignant. Leila of Cairo likes it too; this song is on both of her recordings. The first CD, "Leila Presents: Helwa," is where this version of the song is from. The second CD, "Leila: Sukara" has a medley of "Min Hobi Fik Ya Gari/Tahtil Shibbak" that is one of my favorite performance pieces.

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